Team Spotlight: Martyna

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Team Spotlight: Martyna

BlueCoo is a small company packed full of creativity and we love it that way. Our main selling point is that you get to work directly with our team – no chat bots, ticketing systems or hours on hold!

So seeing as we may well be working together very closely, we thought we would take some time to tell you about the fantastic team we have here at BlueCoo Creative.

First up we have Martyna, or Marty, office’s social media whizz, bursting with passion for all things aesthetic and wielding a proficiency in gifs. Martyna is creative to her core and is engrossed in the world of social media, managing her own successful Instagram and YouTube accounts, sharing her epic cosplay and makeup adventures with over 4000 people.

Along with her partner Ashley, Martyna takes on the role of many beautiful characters, creating art in the form of photos, graphics and videos. They do everything from costume design, crafting, wig styling and makeup to photography, videography and countless hours of editing.

All this hard work has earned them over 40,000 YouTube followers – so when we say Martyna knows social media… we really mean it!

In addition to cosplay, Marty also enjoys being creative in other creative ways, often doodling in her journal, watercolour painting, creating some digital art or dabbling into photography. Check out this beautiful watercolour she painted of our much loved office pup Murphy!

Martyna also knows 2 other languages alongside English, speaking Lithuanian as her mother tongue, and Russian as her secondary language. She studied English Philology at University in Lithuania before moving to the UK and eventually settling in the bonnie city of Dundee. In the office, she can be found crafting beautiful Instagram feeds for our clients, managing Facebook pages, doodling on the graphics tablet or updating websites.

If you think the the BlueCoo team would be a good fit for you, email us at or even give Caitlin a call on 01382 918525.
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