Benefits of Having a Portfolio

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Benefits of Having a Portfolio

As a business or an individual, it’s impossible to avoid competition in any market. It is what keeps us on our toes! It keeps us improving and evolving for the better, keeps us moving forwards. So here’s one website feature we have for you to consider in order to really stand out amongst your competitors – portfolio

What is a portfolio?

You can consider a portfolio as proof for your resume, whether as an individual or a business. It is impossible to separate looking at previous or other work from buying a product or hiring a service. It is rare for anyone to trust, for example, an interior designer with no proof they can do it or have done it before, or buy a customised artwork without checking artist’s previous work. So, we won’t beat around the bush here, ultimately, the main purpose of a portfolio is to get you more clients, more business, more work, and as a result – more earnings.

What’s the difference between portfolio website and portfolio page?

The main and most obvious difference is that a portfolio page is within a website as one of the pages whereas a portfolio website is a stand-alone website fully dedicated to showcasing work. Most commonly (although not always) portfolio websites are for individuals, such as freelancers, people seeking work, sole traders and so on. Portfolio pages are usually part of businesses’ websites, and showcasing their work is among other important information.

For example, one of our early projects was for a Perth-based photographer who wanted a website to showcase his work so we built him a portfolio website. Similarly, for one of our recent clients Suller & Clark wanted a portfolio page that showed off and detailed their previous work in an attractive and clear manner. 

website design portfolio dundee
Andy Weir Photography Perth
Aberdeenshire website design portfolio page
Suller & Clark Planning Consultants

Why do you need a portfolio?

Does not matter if you are an individual or a company, a portfolio page or a portfolio website is an excellent way to showcase the quality and variety of work that you can carry out

It will help you develop and keep a professional image of your brand by showing what you’re about. What better way to do that than let your work speak for you?

It gives potential clients a much easier and quicker way to see and learn about your work. For instance, at BlueCoo we have created portfolios that allow users to filter by category to find what they’re looking for much easier, like the one we did for Dundee based artist Steven Higginson

A portfolio also gives you the ability to actually introduce and talk about your work. Every listed project/product will have the ability to be accompanied by an individual page description, more photos and detail, thus giving more insight into the quality of your work. You can see examples on Suller & Clark portfolio page or even our own Our Work page.

website design dundee
Steven Higginson Dundee Artist

If you want to showcase your work in an excellent manner, we would highly recommend setting up a portfolio website or a portfolio page. And if you want it done professionally with no hassle on your end, feel free to contact us and we can set up a chat about how we can help you. Email us at or even give Caitlin a call on 01382 918525.