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Project Background

ECAT is a mobile audit management software solution and their marketing team were looking for a website that would showcase their product to various sectors. The website they previously had was simple and didn’t reflect the slick look of the app itself.


They were looking for a clear and concise website to showcase the app and it’s capabilities whilst being consistent with the brand. They wanted a clean and modern look, highlighting their approachability and modern technology.


Data Management





ecat website design dundee
ecat website design in dundee

Our Approach

   Responsive Website Design             Dynamic Directory Listing Systems        Photography & Videography        Interactive Forms

We used the brand colours but added in a vibrant pink tone for higher contrast and more eye-catching look. We also used fluid shapes throughout the website to create a soft but modern look and avoid any kind of rigid appearance. This was to highlight the apps flexibility in working to client requirements.


We utilised various layouts to make large quantities of information easily digestible for the users.

web design dundee ecat group
website design in dundee ecat
website design dundee ecat
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