Tayside Council on Alcohol

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Project Background

Tayside Council on Alcohol is an organization that supports individuals struggling to cope with alcohol use, substance use and gambling.


The client approached us wanting their old website redesigned into a more contemporary and easier to navigate style to contain all the information about their organization & services, and various organization news. They wanted a bright, colourful website to create a welcoming feeling, and to communicate a sense of hope and brighter future.




Tayside, Scotland



charity website design dundee
charity website design in dundee

Our Approach

   Responsive Website Design             Interactive Index Sections        Custom Graphics        Collapsible Accordion Sections

For the initial concept, we decided to lean into the colourful scheme. The client also wanted to use all their own photography, which enhanced the positive and hopeful feel of the design.


Using a combination of complimentary bright colours such as blue, green, orange, pink and purple and a dynamic wavy pattern across the website, we aimed to achieve that. Additionally, we decided to avoid too many harsh, straight lines and made use of custom graphics to contain/frame majority of the images on the website.


We also implemented a colour-based system for different locations of the organization. By arranging each location by colour, we were able to make the user journey a little easier and clearer.

organisation website design dundee

We had a challenge of containing a lot of text-based content within the limit of the pages. To achieve that, we made use of numerous accordion sections that were easy on the eye and did not instantly overwhelm the user with too much text. We also created index-like sections at the top of the page to take the user straight to the part they were interested in via titled buttons and anchor links to avoid the trouble of scrolling a lengthy page.

web design charity dundee
web design charity tayside
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