Team Spotlight: Sam

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Team Spotlight: Sam

Sam is a web design assistant and first responder for website problem-solving, design implementation and CSS woes. He’s the one that makes sure the team’s designs look stunning and function perfectly on everything, from your Grandma’s iPhone 3G to nobody’s brand new 8K TV.

Sam has background in studying Ethical Hacking and learning how to break things, which makes him the perfect candidate for fixing broken websites (some of which he breaks himself by force of habit). He is also passionate about styling and CSS, helping bring web design to the polished level that we are known for.

In his spare time, Sam can be found tinkering with some tech or playing video games while cuddling his two lovely cats – Bella and Winnie. His personal favourite video game series are Assassins Creed and Watchdogs, which he’s spent easily over 500 hours playing! Outside, you can (barely) see him zoom through Dundee streets on his electric bike which he put together himself.

He also has a background in water sports and personal training, the team often turn to him for helpful insights such as “stretch your hip flexors once in a while” or “haven’t you had enough custard creams?”. Sam works hard on his weight-training and competed in National powerlifting competitions before the pandemic hit. He can’t wait to return to the gym once it’s safe to do so!

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