COVID-19 E-Commerce in Dundee

Free Advice on Trading Online

The global pandemic CoVid-19 is causing unprecedented disruptions to local businesses. While BlueCoo Creative are not exempt from the knock on effect this is having on our clients, we are in a fortunate position where we can continue to carry out our work providing website design remotely with minimal disruption.


In these difficult times we realise that many businesses such as shops and restaurants who rely heavily on footfall based sales, face a huge challenge and may be forced to change the way they work, moving more into delivery and online based sales. If you are a small Dundee business, and are facing this challenge, we would like to offer free advice on the feasibility of doing business online – explaining things that are required like taking payments online, delivering your products to clients and answering any other questions you will no doubt have.


If you have any questions about getting your offline business working online, please call Caitlin on 01382 918525 or Andy on 07710466400.

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Half Price E-Commerce Websites for CoVid-19 Affected Businesses in Dundee & Broughty Ferry

Furthermore, we have halved the cost of our E-commerce websites from £2,400 +VAT down to £1200 +VAT and are offering a significant discount on our one page website which may be suitable for local businesses to advertise delivery services etc. While we wish we could offer this website design support to local Dundee businesses for free, we ourselves have bills to pay and staff to support during these challenging times.


If you wish to discuss setting up a new website, please call Caitlin on 01382 918525 and we can arrange for a video call to discuss getting your business online.

Who can Benefit from Trading Online during the CoVid-19 Outbreak?

We understand that businesses in Dundee & Broughty Ferry are currently facing issues communicating with their customers if they don’t have a website. With the government asking businesses to practise social distancing, this means businesses like Coffee Shops, Cafes, Pubs and Restaurants are having to adapt their day to day routine. Getting online could allow for these businesses to advertise delivery services or sell their products online and may well be a way to maintain income and more importantly their vital services.


Our designers are more than happy to discuss getting your “offline” business online and offer advice on how best to market this.

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Call us today on 01382 918525 to find out about great web design in Dundee.