3 Benefits to Video Calling For Business

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3 Benefits to Video Calling For Business

The pandemic has meant that we all need to change our ways of working, and while we generally work remotely for the most part, one area we did have to change was the way that we do our project consultations.

Where traditionally we would have sat down face to face, we now use zoom and there are some surprising benefits. Here’s our top 3 favourite things about using zoom for meetings.

International Business
Utilizing modern technology to work remotely of course opens up your target demographic. Where you may have been comfortable working in your local area and doing work entirely face to face, having to use Zoom and other video platforms has forced some of us to explore how their business can operate solely online, and this, in most cases, widens the net.

In the last year we have worked with clients all over the UK as well as in USA, Thailand, and Switzerland. It has highlighted, more than ever, that our business is in no way limited to our local area and we have developed ways to streamline remote working so it all runs as smoothly as possible.

Less Intimidating
Especially in our industry of tech, it can be somewhat daunting for people to come in for a consultation where they will be discussing a subject matter that is more often than not, a little out of their area of expertise. While we like to break things down into plain English, we find that for some people, sitting in their front zoom doing a Zoom call can be less intimidating than going into a more formal office environment.

Meeting Recording
We have all been there, you have a great meeting, ideas are bouncing around, you come out and are distracted by some other work and by the time you come back to look at your notes you realise they are half written, ambiguous statements that mean nothing.

One huge positive of online video calling software is that you can record the meeting form start to finish. This can be used to share the meeting with others, broadcast it to an audience or simply refer back to as notes so nothing ever gets missed.

So, while it’s been an adjustment using Zoom for meetings (we are social animals in the office, and we love to meet people) it has also come with some unexpected benefits. Best of all, we can even touch up our appearance with the skin smoothing tool, a feature that has been much appreciated by the team.

Utilising these tools is just one of the ways that you can streamline the way your business works online. If you need any help with the other stuff – give us a call and we can get a video consultation organised!

If you would like to schedule a video call with us to discuss website design, contact us on 01382 918525 or email hello@bluecoo.co.uk