Why is Website Design Important?

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Why is Website Design Important?

When it comes to putting together a website, among great functionality, responsiveness, SEO and content it also has to look good. Website design is, in fact, a vital part of your website because “time-starved, sceptical consumers – especially Millennials – crave content that is beautifully designed.” It is in fact so important that 66% of people with only 15 minutes to consume content prefer something beautifully designed rather than simple and plain. (Source: Adobe, Slide 18)

Numbers do not lie! Regardless of the generation, there is always a preference for good design. For Millennials, overwhelming 73% prefer good web design, Gen X comes in at 62%, and even Baby Boomers at 55%. (Source: Adobe, Slide 18). So, what does this mean really? It means more than half of your potential audience will not even give your brand a chance if your website is poorly designed. Your website is one of the first and most important representations of your brand, after all.

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Good website design = Good first impression

The first thing your audience will see when visiting your website is the visual design. They will build their first impression of you, your brand and your business within seconds, just based on what they see in front of them. If your website is outdated or unappealing, it will influence people in a negative way which can result in them simply not engaging further. This, therefore, ends up in your businesses losing out on potential customers.

Good design builds trust

Unfortunately, people do not trust websites that are poorly designed. They are often associated with scams, poor quality products or services, bad customer service and similar. An outdated website will make a potential client think that your whole business is behind the times, even if you may be using the most modern technologies and stating so on that very website. Not only that, but customers are more likely to pay more for a product or service if they trust it more, so, even if your prices are lower than your competitors, lack of trust you will turn customers away.

It will help your business stand out

Let’s face the facts, everyone is doing it. BlueCoo can bet his right hoof that your competitors are already out there with beautiful, modern websites. Your old website will do nothing in your favour when it comes to standing out. So, if any of the previous points do not convince you, we hope the feeling of competing does, because falling behind competition has always been one of the quickest ways to miss out on new business opportunities.

All in all, we think the conclusion here is simple: well-designed, beautiful, modern website can really help your business grow, improve, and create more leads. It is simply just a fact!  If you want it done professionally with no hassle on your end, feel free to contact us and we can set up a chat about how we can help you. Email us at hello@bluecoo.co.uk or even give Caitlin a call on 01382 918525.