Take Food Orders Online with No Fees

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Take Food Orders Online with No Fees

Food Ordering Online – When do you go bespoke?

Throughout lockdown and in it’s aftermath, the amount of online food orders increased massively with many restaurants and takeaways who were previously not online, now operating in the unchartered territory of the world wide web.

Big food delivery companies such as Just East, Uber Eats and Deliveroo have dominated the market here in the UK for some time, making it easy to set up a shop online. However, with commission rates of up to 30% on orders, it’s no wonder that some restaurants are now questioning if there is a more sustainable and profitable way to take orders online – and we can tell you there is!

Developing a custom food ordering platform on your own website may require more cash up front, but you can say goodbye to those costly fees in the long run. Using your own integrated system means you only have fees of card merchants (such as Paypal or Stripe etc) which usually come in around 3%.

Of course, one thing to factor in is the visibility factor of the food industry giants. By listing with them, you get exposure to potential new customers. However, if you already have a loyal following of customers, why let them take a huge chunk of you profit? You can of course use both simultaneously and encourage regular customers to come through your own website directly.

We can integrate a slick and easy to use food ordering system directly into your website from £2400 + VAT, just like we did on thebayfishmarket.com. Just like other 3rd party integrations, the orders and simply submitted online and out pops the ticket in the kitchen.

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