Why should you hire a professional to create your portfolio?

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Why should you hire a professional to create your portfolio?

We have discussed the importance and reasons for having a portfolio, no matter if you’re a business or an individual. You can read that blog post right here if you missed it. Continuing from that, today we’ll briefly be talking about the benefits of hiring a professional web designer to create your portfolio.

If you are an individual, it is time to think of yourself as a business! Market yourself as one and new clients or work will come to you. And if you are a business… well, you still need to market yourself at a professional level. Having a professionally designed and executed website/portfolio will help you do that, it will establish you as a trustworthy professional.

It is really not that hard to tell a template from a professionally designed website, and how good your portfolio looks could be the deciding factor on whether you get new customers or not. Quoting our friends at Interphase “…the foundation of an excellent website is its visual design. In fact, it is so important that when visiting a website, a potential customer decides only in 10 seconds or less whether they trust your company, purely based on the design of your website, and the majority of users (whooping 75%) form their whole opinion on a website just based on what it looks like!”

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A professional web designer and developer will ensure your portfolio is fast, interactive and responsive. It will adapt to any device, be easy to use, all whilst looking stunning. Often businesses lose out on new clients because their website is hard to navigate, does not load quickly enough or doesn’t work on mobile. Don’t take that chance.

SEO is another big part of why you might want to seek a professional’s help. Some DIY website builders may offer search engine optimisation, but to truly and correctly optimise a portfolio on a search engine is not as simple as it may seem. It is often not an automatic process and takes a lot of points to consider as it varies so much from case to case. So, what’s the point of having a portfolio or website if no one is going to find it?

Whether it’s the creation and design process, maintenance, fixing issues or even promoting, having a professional website design agency take care of your portfolio will save you a lot of time, and often money, so you can focus on your work.

If you want to showcase your work in an excellent manner, we would highly recommend setting up a portfolio website or page. And if you would like it done professionally with no hassle on your end, please feel free to get in touch for a chat about how we can help you grow your business and brand online! Call Andy on 01382 918525 or email hello@bluecoo.co.uk.