Is Blogging Good for Business?

blogging for scottish business

Is Blogging Good for Business?

Blogging is not so far out of fashion as some may think. It is now more important than ever for a business of any size to create, develop and maintain a consistent presence online to not only communicate with their current customers, but attract new ones as well. Having a well-developed, optimized website is essential for your branding and marketing strategy, and a way to improve the quality of your website and the content within it as well as maintain an online presence is without a doubt blogging.

Consistently putting out blogs on your website is one of the most effective ways to connect with your customers, increase brand awareness and provide truly useful content to your target audience. And if there’s one thing Google likes, it’s answers to questions people are asking.

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Blogging is a free and effective tool to use for driving traffic to your website. Search Engines like Google or Bing are constantly looking for new content to index, and creating a blog provides them that.

It’s a way to enrich your website with keywords relevant to your industry and location, which then consumers type into a search engine. This way you have a far better chance of being discovered when someone is looking for answers, products or services that your business can provide.

Inbound marketing benefits

Inbound marketing is what we refer to as a marketing strategy that attracts customers by creating valuable content that is tailored and personalised, and nearly 80% of companies do so by writing blogs that provide value to their audience.

It is a far less intrusive and distant approach to online marketing than outbound because it allows you to solve problems people are already searching solutions for and, as a result, improves your chances of acquiring customers.

It also helps with word-of-mouth marketing because it creates opportunities for your audience to share your blog and thus increases opportunity for traffic growth and brand awareness.

Increase brand awareness and build real connections

Speaking of brand awareness, how aware the public is of your brand can really determine the success of your business. Creating blogs allows your brand to express what it’s about and reveals a more personal, human side of your business.

Blogging helps show your audience what is beyond your business name and the products it offers. It can help give a sense of your brand values, vision, goals, personality and more. This allows your audience to connect with your brand and relate on a more personal level which then builds lasting customer loyalty.

If you want to improve SEO on your website, develop and grow your marketing and increase your online exposure, then you need to include consistent blogging as part of your business strategy.

If you find yourself not having the time, the skills, the experience or the resources to produce consistent, polished content for your website’s blog, then you can get in touch with someone like us that are happy to take that task off your shoulders and help your business grow online.

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