A Week of Photography (from a distance)

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A Week of Photography (from a distance)

Caitlin here, shamefully admitting we have been neglecting the blog in recent weeks. It’s been a busy few months for the Coos partially because we have been catching up with photography and videography that was delayed due to COVID19 restrictions.

Andy and Caitlin have been down South in August and early September carrying out some socially distanced photography for a number of dental practices. Along with our sister company Interphase, we work very closely with a dental coach, operating as his creative team and providing SEO, website design, print design, photography and more.

In addition to taking a huge amount of photographs (we counted over 1000 for one practice) we have also been doing some videography for making slick video headers and introduction/informational videos that can be embedded into the website.

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We really feel this adds an extra dimension to a website, where you almost get to experience being in the premise as well as getting to know the staff. The proves particularly important for dental and healthcare websites as most people don’t particularly look forward to visiting the dentist or doctors, a quick introduction video helps to put people’s mind at ease and show a friendly face.

Of course, doing photography hasn’t been as straight forward as usual as we need to account for COVID19 safety. Fortunately when it comes to dentists, they are always on it with infection control which makes life easier for us. To ensure the safety of our clients and our team, we wear masks for the duration of the photograph session and position ourselves strategically so as to keep a safe distance without it showing in the pictures. We certainly has some funny marks on our faces at the end of the day!