Will My Website Rank Top in Google?

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Will My Website Rank Top in Google?

This is a question that we get asked so often by new clients when they begin to develop their websites, they want to know whether that website is going to rank on page one of search engines like Google. The honest answer is that there is no straight-forward answer to this question.

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Where your website ranks in search engines is based on a number of on-site and off-site factors. This can include the website content, site speed, size of the website, keyword density, image optimisation, fresh content, page titles, meta descriptions and a whole lot more and these factors and their weight are constantly changing as the likes of Google change their algorithms.

When we design our websites we optimise the site to be easily read and indexed by major search engines, taking all of the above into account, but the only way to achieve sustainable ranking results is to carry out SEO activities on a regular basis. If you think about it this way, every business wants to be top of Google, which means you are competing with other companies, often with a much larger budget than you. Unfortunately this means that competition for valuable search terms is high and it takes a lot of time and research to stay ahead of the competitors.

This is where our monthly SEO package comes in. We work ensuring everything on your website is optimised to it’s fullest, adding fresh, regular content and giving Google the information it needs to index you highly. We monitor ranking positions for chosen search terms as well as the traffic coming to your site and analyse the visitor behaviour to streamline their user journey. We also provide monthly reporting to help your understand the figures and clearly see how your website is performing.

So the answer to whether your website will rank isn’t a simple one. Your website will be able to be found when typing in the business name but if you are looking to rank for specific keywords, we always recommend that your take an SEO package as part of a long term, sustainable marketing strategy.

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