One Feature You Should Have On Your Website

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One Feature You Should Have On Your Website

If your business relies on appointments, and you are still doing it all yourself through taking phone calls and filling out a calendar in your notebook – this just might be the time-saving and efficiency-boosting solution you didn’t even know you needed! We’d like to briefly discuss online booking systems integrated directly into your website and why you should consider one.

Perhaps you might be thinking – it’s easier to just take a phone call and get all the information necessary, even have a chat, but nowadays people are busy and need easy access and quick straight-forward ways to just book that appointment.

Having an online booking system means it will be available any time, any day – whether it’s a weekend or 4AM on a Tuesday. Having to take phone calls limits your availability, whereas having your website available to book an appointment 24/7 will increase the chances of one actually being booked. Cha-Ching – potentially more business for you!

Online booking system also ensures there’s less frustration from customers as the busy lines, putting on hold and bad phone service or sound quality is simply not there when they can just do it all on your website. As funny as it may sound, less human contact means better customer service. Of course, you can still be always available via online chat, email or phone for any additional questions, issues or concerns, but the initial process will be as easy as riding a bike.

Another thought you may have is that you can just use a booking system website, so why should you pay a web designer to integrate it into your website? Easy. Less nonsense to go through for a customer. You want to ensure the process your potential client goes through to book an appointment is as easy, smooth and eyesore-less as possible. Bumping someone into yet another website just to book an appointment for you just gets things messier. It will make the user experience consistent and uniquely just about your brand. 

Finally, you may be wondering: does this apply to my business? You may think an online booking system is just for hotel websites, but it can be used by other businesses too. If you rely on bookings – you can have an integrated online booking system. One of our clients, Angus Cleaning Services, for example, use a booking system on their website to schedule appointments with prospective customers looking for a cleaner to come out and give them a quote. 

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We set up a fully integrated booking system for them which notifies them directly via email whenever someone requests an appointment. They can allot time slots for when appointments are available and can change and block off time slots depending on how busy they are or if staff are on holiday. This allows them flexibility and simply makes the process so much more efficient.

So, if you’d like to set your website up with this online booking system, don’t hesitate to contact us! We’d love to chat and see if we can help you improve your business. Give us a buzz on 01382 918525 or email