Getting Social even in Lockdown

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Getting Social even in Lockdown

Lockdown for many means that they have far more time on their hands than ever before. Whether you have been furloughed or are still working, the reduction in social interaction and many things being closed or cancelled, is leaving us all with a little extra time to fill. We believe that this time can be put to good use doing something proactive and positive for your business – we are talking about social media management.

The number one excuse we hear for why clients aren’t marketing their businesses via social media is they simply don’t have the time. Trust me – we get it! A few posts a day may seem like a simple task but to get the message, content and imagery right can end up taking a considerable chunk out of your precious time and for many they don’t know where to start. So our question to you is… why not use this down time as an opportunity to invest in your social media management?

We aren’t saying you need to go and hire a social media manager – you could simply set some time aside each week to develop a strategy and most importantly content. Inevitably when things do go back to relative normality, you as a business owner will go back to being rushed off your feet again – so why not make a bank of engaging posts now that you can simply choose from when you need them? With Facebook and using apps like Planoly for Instagram, you can even schedule your posts months in advance to ensure those social media channels never go stagnant.

Think of post topics that would interest your potential customers – if you’re a joiner, why not dig out some pictures of work you have previously carried out? Or if you are an accountant, try using posts to answer common questions that your clients might have. Of course, you will want to mix these pre-prepared posts in with up to date news about your company and time relevant information, but a having a catalogue of universal posts to choose from is going to make managing your company’s social media a whole lot easier going forward.

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The benefits of engaging with your customers and target audience on social media are endless. It’s a fantastic way to give people and insight into what your business is really about, the different characters that make up your fantastic team and it helps to build up that trust and brand recognition. So, when that person who has seen you on Facebook does eventually need your services, they know exactly who to call.

Of course, you might just simply want to stay away from social media and stick to doing what you do best and that’s okay too. That’s why companies like us offer this as a service, using our expertise and years of experience to generate industry relevant and engaging content for your company.

If you would like to speak to us about our social media management packages, please contact us on 01382 918525.