Team Spotlight: Andy

dundee web designer andy taplin

Team Spotlight: Andy

Andy is a partner in the company and the tech geek among us. He’s right into his search engine optimisation, making websites super fast and ranking high. He’s lovingly known as the office clown, always goofing around and making everyone laugh.

He’s also great at branding and design, having obtained a degree back in nineteen oatcake for communications. It comes in handy regularly when he’s putting together client brands and amazing eye catching signage.

In his spare time, he can be found hanging out with his kids Kristen and Findlay, normally leading the way on long cycles up steep hills! Andy also keeps his football-mad daughter on her toes, as he is a coach on the local girls football team.

Andy plays guitar and likes to rock out to classic rock, sometimes entertaining the villagers in his local pub (pre-Covid). When he isn’t playing guitar, he’s probably doing some kind of DIY around the house, just casually putting in a bathroom here or a wood burning stove there.

He has two lovely dogs and a cat, but clearly has a soft spot for Jasper, the springer spaniel puppy who’s pictures regularly get sent into the office chat for “awws” and “omg cute”.

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