What the BlueCoo Team is up to During Lockdown

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What the BlueCoo Team is up to During Lockdown

The pubs are closed, what could the BlueCoo team possibly be doing in their spare time? Well it turns out quite a lot, some more productive than others. Here is what our team members have been up to during lockdown.



Caitlin has been one of those annoying people who have actually lost weight and built some muscle on lockdown. With the extra time she has at the weekends and in the evenings, she’s been doing some serious workouts, her PT would be proud.

As well as the weights workouts, she has found a new love for cycling, taking in the beautiful coastal views in Broughty Ferry on her evening bike rides.

On the flipside, she has also been baking up some delicious treats of which she will have one portion and make her poor poor husband eat the rest. This week she rustled up an apple crumble for the first time, which we hear turned out quite well – we hope that once lockdown resumes, we will see the benefit of these new recipes.



Handy Andy has been doing plenty of DIY around his house. To be honest this is not lockdown specific, he is always demolishing something or putting the odd bathroom in – a jack of many trades. But during this downtime, he has installed a wood burning stove and put up a rather beautiful bird box.

In the evenings he’s been keeping 71 Brewing in business by sampling all their beers whilst jamming on his guitar.

Cooking has also been a big part of lockdown, with his two helpers Findlay (13) and Kristen (11), they have been dishing up some delicious food from homemade curries to duck pancakes.



Marty, like many others, has become flat out addicted to Animal Crossing and finds herself playing for hours every day on her Nintendo Switch. When she finally manages to tear herself away from the addictive game, she has been playing around and practising with makeup, further fuelling her passion for not only makeup but cosplay! Speaking of which, she has been also working on cosplay, sewing her own costumes and styling wigs.

Her time has also been taken up playing with her beloved cat Pie, who has been finding the lockdown rather boring herself, as random attacks of toes and endless meowing symphonies have shown – she needs some entertainment too! This ended up with Marty teaching Pie some tricks, just to quickly find out just how hard it is to train a cat! Other than that, amongst cleaning and redecorating the house, Marty has rediscovered her love for yoga and improving her dance moves on Just Dance to keep active.

The BlueCoo Himself

BlueCoo has been staying with Caitlin during lockdown and has of course been supervising everyone to make sure we are all working hard.

In his spare time he has been touching up on his geography – he thinks it may come in helpful for all these zoom quizzes we keep having. He has also been reading a lot about photography and videography, we may need to get him a special adapted camera to account for his hooves.

Surprisingly, he actually helped Caitlin with her apple crumble, he certainly done more of the tasting than the actual baking, but it still counts, right? Afterwards she made him attempt to do a workout with her but he quickly gave up and went back to the apple crumble instead.

Safe to say that we are all making the most of a strange situation. Among the baking, DIY and cosplay, we are also of course working to keep our clients websites running smoothly and taking on some exciting new projects.

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