A Day in the Work Life of Blue Coo

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A Day in the Work Life of Blue Coo

If you were ever wondering what life is like in a design agency our Blue Coo is happy to share what a normal day looks like, this is what he got up to today…

9.00am – Client Meeting

First on Blue Coo’s busy schedule is a meeting with a potential client. The meeting room is all booked and ready to be used. He gets to know the in’s an out’s of this client’s business. It’s important for Blue Coo to understand and get the essence of the company. He tells me it’s essential to support the client and help achieve their aspirations with a functional and polished website. After getting a feel of the company’s purpose, and after some serious note taking, he pitches them with a couple of his bright ideas on what path they can take on their preferred budget.

He makes sure to ask the potential client’s if their in any need of the other services. Blue Coo Creative provides web design, print design, branding, photography, search engine optimisation and much more. After all the discussions, Blue Coo then figures what plan would suit their priorities and their budget. Successful meeting completed!

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10.00am – Planning his Workload

Heading back to the office, Blue Coo takes a look at his chalkboard crossing out the things he’s done as he makes his way throughout the day. It might be a little old school, but he loves having things written on the blackboard as a reminder of his workload and it helps to keep him organised. He is a pro organiser and makes sure everything is planned and done when needed, never missing a thing out! Some projects need to be prioritised based on their deadlines – often clients will need promotional materials or banners for a specific event and it’s important to deliver it in plenty of time.

At BlueCoo Creative we have to juggle new projects alongside regular maintenance work and monthly SEO. Having a shed-load of clients work to do can become very hectic and hard to keep up with. Hence why Blue Coo likes to take a physical note down. Let’s not forget he’s also a pro doodler and drew an impressive self portrait.

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10.30am – Photography

After tying up a few odds and endsn,ext on Blue Coo’s list is to do some photography. He does love to get a bit creative in the office and is also fond of the editing process. First he sets up his Canon 5D camera, and a tripod to prepare for what can be a long photo shoot. Getting the settings right is quite significant if you want to achieve a professional, high quality photograph. Things can get a bit frustrating as the artificial lighting in the office isn’t always the best to photograph in, but Blue Coo is always up for a challenge. The next process is getting the images from the camera to the computer and ready for the editing. Just a little exposure tweak and a boost in colour is all it needs! Providing a website and social media with professional HD images makes a worlds difference to promote, communicate, engage and sets an excellent first impression.

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1.00pm – Print Design

Blue Coo has had his lunch and print design is up next on the list. Blue Coo is currently working on a CD album cover and booklet for a band. Setting up the accurate bleed and crop marks, colour mode and dimensions for a CD cover is important as the print supplier will need to work with the correct sizing. Blue Coo’s next step is to then go through his client’s requirements and information and come up with first draft design ideas. First draft sent! Now he has the feedback from his clients and minor adjustments to make. The design process can take a while, but presenting what the client wants in an appealing manner is important. It’s all about the balance of what the clients wants and adding your creative touch on it. After working on a long process, the final designs are complete! This feeling of seeing the end result will always be rewarding for Blue Coo.

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3.00pm – Web Design

Website changes is always on the list no matter what day it is. Blue Coo is a pro at CSS and loves to tackle a challenge and figure out a solution to achieve pixel perfection. A bit of coding here and there and… problem solved! A new website to build is always an exciting time for Blue Coo. He loves a new project and is ready to power through the building process. This can take time as a lot more goes into website making than you think! After initial discussion with the client, the first step for him is to get website hosting and a register a domain name. Website hosting will allow his website to be visible to the internet. Without hosting his website won’t exist. Next he needs to install WordPress, the content management system that we build all our websites on. Blue Coo likes to use WordPress as it allows his clients to edit the website themselves after launch, if they so desire. After setting up the install, he puts together a coming soon landing page before starting to build and populate the site.

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After a long day of design, Blue Coo is finally ready to head home where he can relax until he does it all again the next day.

If you would like to know any more information on the services we provide, we would love for you to get in touch by calling 07734445326 or email us at hello@bluecoo.co.uk

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